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Check Out The Crius LED Poster

The Crius LED from LED3

Here’s an LED product perfect for in-store retail locations and trade show booths. With built in HDMI, USB, WiFi and WAN, it’s easy to add images and update information from a desktop or Android device. The screen is 224 pixels x 756 pixels at 2.9mm resolution… rated at 1000nits brightness. It can stand alone on its own stand or add a base to support it vertically. It can also be wall mounted or hung – horizontally or vertically. Add flash to your location without needing an LED technician to wire a display together, the Crius is definitely a ‘Plug & Play’ option.


For more information on putting the Crius poster to work for you, send an email to, or give us a call – 1.866.930.6988.