LED3 Helps With Groundbreaking Holographic Theater

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LED3 takes pride in every installation we have completed – in locations across the country. From corporate boardrooms to athletic arenas to government auditoriums, our experienced technicians work to ensure each display functions as promised. They treat every customer with the utmost respect and integrity. But every now and again we’re asked to help with a display that holds an extra special reverence. That is the case with our cooperation with EventWorks4D in Cleveland, Ohio. EventWorks provided the creative and technological design for a holographic theater, allowing viewers to interact with Holocaust survivors.

EventWorks turned to LED3 for our LED display expertise. Technical Manager Brian Barry specified a product he felt would stand up to the display requirements and help showcase these heartfelt videos.

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As we take the first steps into 2020, LED3 continues to provide mobile and build up screens for rental/staging applications as well as displays for installations. Whether you’re looking for a mobile solution or a more permanent video screen for your facility, give us a call – 866.930.6988 – or email [email protected]. We look forward to helping you find the right visual solution for you.

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