When an international pandemic limits indoor services for your church, what can you do?


Go outdoors, of course!

LED3 was approached by a church in our own backyard to help find a way to provide their weekly message to their church families. Of course, being in Northeast Ohio, there were a few considerations.

First, the display had to be outdoor rated at IP65 and, additionally work well in the winter cold as well as the summer heat.

Because the screen could be hit with bright sun – not every Ohio day is overcast– it needed to be very bright. Did we mention a high enough resolution for video and graphic playback with a processing system simple enough for non-professionals to operate.

Technical Manager Brian Barry set out to find the right display that would fit into the church’s budget. The solution? Yes Tech’s ES 5.9mm product, featuring a panel size of 1000×1000mm, with brightness rated at 7500-9000cd/m2. In addition to the IP65 rating for outdoor installations, the product functions well in Ohio temperatures, with specs from -30℃ – + 50℃.

Salem Welding from Salem, Ohio provided the support structure and even in the Ohio winter, installation took just 2 days.

Of course, if you aren’t looking for a permanent display, we also have mobiles for special events or weekly worship. These screens measure from 15′ x 8′ to 23′ x 13′ and include an FM transmitter, so worshippers don’t need to leave their cars.

If you’re interested in taking your message outdoors, give us a call – 866.930.6988 – or locally – 330.533.6988. Or email [email protected] or [email protected].