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Video elements are being integrated into trade show booths to attract more people, but in what ways can they be implemented to be most effective to draw people into booths. Brian Barry, LED3’s lead technician was asked for his insight on how video has been used in the trade show booths with LED displays and the value that it has created for companies. “LED added to a booth engages a wow factor with your targeted audience.  Trade show floor space is a premium so the ability to show multiple marketing components in the same digital footprint is key. The ability to show PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, videos, all within the same space sets it apart from delivering a single message on a static graphic.” Companies have been looking to LED displays for their seamless looks and quality to show off interviews and YouTube videos of their products in real time.

Building some of these creative designs for booths have sometimes proven to be challenging, but Steven Gable from Innovation Exhibits, Inc. says that LED is very easy to install and there is no rigging required.  Our tech, Brian, agrees. “With the vast amount of products out today, LED can be implemented in a flown screen, a ground supported display, or integrated within an already existing structure.  They draw less power than most people think. With a graphics design team on board your marketing team can deliver a plug and play message from a laptop to the LED display.” Even the “nuts and bolts” guy from Downing Exhibits, Inc., Curt Cecil, says that, “The only hitch when working with the LED tiles, really, is working with the 500mm x 500mm   increments when everything else that we build is in feet and  inches.  But you make it work, and yes, it has been fairly easy.  When the client wants to go really big, then you have to engineer how you’re going to support it safely.  It’s the challenges like these that I live for, though.  Keeps me on my toes.”

Many companies are already incorporating LED technology and think that it is a great resource and seek out LED providers that are known for their work and quality products. “Most clients that attend tradeshows already know what LED can bring to their booth,” says Brian, “They already know what they want to display on the wall, the questions they reach out to us are about native resolution, what size to build their tiles so that it can properly displayed without being stretched or contorted.” Like a lot of creations, people have an idea of exactly what they want, but physically executing it is the tricky part.

There are numerous advantages to adding a LED display to your trade show booth that catches peoples’ eyes. Brian further explains some of the programs that are used to effectively communicate what companies want future customers and partners to know. “Generally speaking, whether it’s video, PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, marketing graphics, charts, the advantage is space.  You can deliver your message in the same digital footprint that cannot be achieved with static signage.  The ability to convert from a static graphic, to a video representing your marketing teams’ message, to a sponsor slide all within the same footprint captures an audience for longer than a static print image.  LED entertains your targeted audience and informs them more about who you are as a company and delivers a more technologically advanced digital platform for advertising and marketing.”

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Photo Credit: Downing Exhibits