Outdoor LED products have many impressive features. As far as rental outdoor products, RocketSign has a 2.6mm outdoor high resolution rental tile. Most manufacturers are moving towards a 3.9mm outdoor rental tile. As far as outdoor fixed installation products, the QS Tech Crius outdoor poster is unique product that is slim and bright and can be put in advertising or green spaces without taking up too much space. We also carry the outdoor mobile LED trailer display that provides a 16:9 image on a mobile trailer that can be set up in about 45 minutes in most level areas and reach a height of about 20’ from the ground. Standard outdoor billboards are starting to make their change from DIP to SMD LED. DIP is still vastly brighter and more efficient, although the costs are starting to become in line with each other. Most commonly recommended outdoor rental sixes is still 5mm-7mm and for billboard 10mm-16mm.

New Castle, PA | 16mm | 6' x 2.6' | Church Sign

New Castle, PA | 16mm | 6′ x 2.6′ | Church Sign

Los Angeles, CA | 7mm | Multiple Screens | Concert Venue

Los Angeles, CA | 7mm | Multiple Screens | Concert Venue

When talking about outdoor, the advantage with these screens is the overall brightness in relationship to daylight and the sun, also the ability to handle many weather conditions. Disadvantages include the amount of time to repair. Benefits are use in all weather and elements. Challenges in a fixed install is mounting in a way of protecting from wind loads, and getting the proper amount of power and data signal to a remote area. Overall Brightness and ingress protection rating is a really important feature of outdoor displays.




Outdoor displays can also be used in all-weather climates. We have installed outdoor products from the warmest weather in Phoenix to the coldest weather in Ohio.  They are made to handle rain, snow, wind, heat, cold. Over time, the sun does eventually dull the shaders to give an appearance that the modules do not match in color from the UV degradation.

We have had clients that would use outdoor rental panels include fairs, festivals, outdoor concerts, races, basically a remote non-permanent event where image magnification is necessary or to display an artists’ content for an outdoor concert. Permanent installations, such as billboards, are used for advertising and marketing car sales, upcoming events, time and weather information.

Columbus, OH | 15mm Blow Through | 16' x 9' | Marathon

Columbus, OH | 15mm Blow Through | 16′ x 9′ | Marathon

Every show we have done has been successful! From providing screens for tailgating on college campuses to some of the largest acts out there, LED3 is your one stop provider for outdoor rentals.  Through LED3 and our partners, we have provided resources for event such as the Super bowl, Pro Bowl, concerts for artists such as Kiss, Macklemore, Zedd, and hundreds of various other events.

A client will add a screen to their event or show if they need image magnification for an event where the crowd is too far away to see the main stage/speaker, otherwise known as a delay screen.

There are always challenges to outdoor screens, namely level ground and worrying and about weight loads and wind loads.  Trying to keep non weather proof components like power distribution systems, video processors, and computers weather safe.

When it comes to repairing these screens, realistically, none are easier to repair as opposed to indoor screens.  Most are not easy to access and require a great deal of removal.  Once the component is removed, it is usually protected with a sort of silicone which needs to be removed before the component can be replaced and then silicone re-applied. This process usually takes 2 days to fix allowing to cure properly from start to finish, where as an indoor repair could take only 10 minutes.